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Claims and Damages
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 - All concealed damages are to be reported within 2 days of delivery from Advance Distribution.  If you have reported the damage within this time frame please request a claim form from us at customerservice@advancedtw.com.

- A claim form with pictures of the damaged freight including the carton/packaging, must be emailed the Customer Service Department: customerservice@advancedtw.com.  Someone from our Customer Service Department will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the required claim information.

- We suggest that you obtain an estimate from a local repair shop if the furniture is repairable.   If it all possible we would like to you to repair the furniture.  Please email the repair estimate to customerservice@advancedtw.com

- All claims will be processed within thirty days of receipt of a claim form.

- Call us at 765-553-5999 or email us at customerservice@advancedtw.com for a claim form.

Policy for Return Authorizations

- If you have a Factory Return Authorization (RA), please follow the steps below:

     - Email or fax a copy of the RA when it is ready for pickup.  Email us at customerservice@advancedtw.com or Fax 765-553-5978.

     - Have all items re-packaged ready for return to factory.  Improperly packaged items will not be picked up, such as items only shrink-wrap or no cardboard used on casegood items.  If you do not have packaging wait until you receive a similar piece and use that packaging to wrap the RA.

     - Attach a copy of the RA to each carton.

Note:  Once we receive the RA we will have our delivery route driver make the pickup.  This process may take up to 7-10 days.  Please call us if the turn around time is longer.

     - If you do not have a RA, you will need to contact the manufacturer for a copy.